Adalberto - 898

898 AD. The duchy of Bergamo has been sacked by the Magyars at the behest of Arnulf of Carinthia, ally of Berengar of Friuli in the struggle for the Italian crown throne against Guido of Spoleto, who is supported by the duke of Bergamo. Bishop Adalberto decides to seize the initiative.
I went to the Emperor and, to compensate for the burning down of the church, the market – which each year sees men arriving from far and wide, as well as all rights connected thereto – was ceded in perpetuity to myself, the humble Bishop of Bergamo.
In 904, Berengar, the King of Italy, allowed the city to be rebuilt, instructing that the towers and walls and gates should remain in perpetuity under the power of and protection of the bishop and his successors.